Thursday, March 31, 2011

My heart is drenched in wine...

 ... meaning what? That you're an alcoholic? Oh, you didn't say "liver."

It's funny how I was obsessed with this woman's first album but couldn't be bothered to check out her subsequent work.

Swept me away but now I'm lost in the dark

I guess I'll be listening to this album on my way home. From time to time (or all the time), I just have to listen to some Mariah. I think I'm in denial about how big a fan I am of her music.

You haunt me in my dreams, I'm calling out your name... I watch you fade away, your love is not the same..

Gossip Girl longer promo

I can't believe I'm looking forward to a show that by all accounts sucks just to see how they end up destroying DAIR :( I won't bother watching the rest of the episodes but I just want to see if they at least leave the door open. Oh DAIR....

Angie, are you still watching 49 Days?

New month's resolution

Write more! I've been way too unproductive. Pray for me. lol

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The 25 Dumbest Tweets of 2010

To be honest, I haven't even been able to get past the first one because it's totally WTF!

1) @LeighyahBaby: Ladies that fall in luv with other peoples boyfriends have low selves of steam

Oh Lord God, what da heck is that? "Selves of steam?" There are tears in my eyes right now. LOL

I will read the rest of the list when I calm down. LOL

Oh My....

My Ham Eun Jung post is the most read post this week. Oh Lord. Either a lot of people were curious about her appearance on We Got Married or Idols really get this much attention. From now on, I'm going to randomly place an Idol's name in my post.

Like for example, Oh Kim Hyun Joong, the weather is nice today!

lol... oh, and the Sheila commercial is #2. I guess I'm not the only one who loves it. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ham Eun Jung confirmed for WGM

I haven't watched the show since 2008 or so... although I've watched a few Adam couple clips and I'm not going to make any further comments about that match up!

Now, my wonky instinct made me anticipate some kind of news from our JiYeon couple around their birthdays and we got it even if she was forced to and it was the one I didn't want to hear till after watching all the BTS. lol.

Now that Ham Eun Jung has been confirmed for WGM, if they really want to ruin my day, they should pair her up with Kang Ji Hwan. I know he's having a hard time now but Oppanim, please say no! :D

Her partner hasn't been announced and while there were once rumors about her partner being Kim Soo Hyun, that might not be the case (he seems too big for it now). I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

EDIT: Lee Jang Woo who is an actor I do not know has been confirmed as her partner. They wanted to be coy and tease the audience a bit but the rumors had gotten so rampant (Kim Soo Hyun, Kang Ji Hwan (! I didn't even know this when I first wrote this post), Tony Ahn etc) that Kim Soo Hyun's agency had to issue a statement say that he wasn't going to be on the show. lol. I hope the EJ/JW couple also gains a large fanbase. 

I just realized how easy it would be to kill me

So every time there's free food at the office, I just HAVE to have some. Even if I brought my lunch or worse, stepped out and bought my lunch, I'm still going to have some free stuff.

So today, some catering company dropped some samples off for us and there was quite a spread: pasta salad, salad, chicken, beef, salmon etc etc and of course, I pounced on it and so did some of my colleagues.

So imagine if somebody wanted to kill us, all they'd have to do is pretend to be some catering company providing samples and a few of us would be dead.

Of course, I only think this after gobbling up all the yummy food.

Park Si Yeon getting married or not?

Well, rumors have surfaced that she's getting married in April. The first thing was that I realized was that I'm really not that delusional because instead of feeling disappointed, I was really happy for her (cos she's been talking about wanting to get married for a while).

They claim it's someone in the financial industry and something about she was sick in Feb and had to drop out of the film and that somehow spurred them to move quickly on the marriage. 

I checked it out for myself and basically her agency pretty much issued strong denials ASAP and say the rumors are ridiculous and unfounded and wonder why they came out on her birthday (I hope it didn't ruin her day).

Well, if it's is true and you're lying anyway, lol, congrats.
If it's not true and she's dating someone else, that must be a little strange, lol, but they should laugh about it after her boyfriend gives her a weird look.
If it's not true and she's single, lol, how annoying.
Either way, I'll be watching this space.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy Birthday to Park Si Yeon

Yeah, she's not going to see it but it's past midnight in Korea so Happy Birthday to you, dear. I hope you have a great and awesome day full of joy and happiness. Wish you the kind of year you've always wanted and success in family, health and career. Hip hip hurray! LOL

Friday, March 25, 2011

For the "10 Years Ago" shippers

For the Jin Soo/Hee Soo shippers... aren't they cute?

For the Eun Young/ Ji Won shippers

Group shot! College is so fun!

The usual uploader hasn't put it up yet so maybe tomorrow? Anyway, I love me some KJH but some NGs would be awesome... it's kinda getting boring these days but maybe episode 6 will rock (doesn't seem so from the 6 mins I've seen which can be found here).

I think I'll be ready to say goodbye once they are done with this. The Making is kinda weaning me off it.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

There's nothing to watch! There's nothing to watch! There's nothing to watch!

Yeah, so many kdrama fans are feeling that way... and so am I. I'm still watching Midas, thinking about 49 Days, not sure if I'll keep wathcing The Thornbirds, thinking about watching movies; Limitless, Adjustment Bureau and Inception. Having said all that, why not throw one more option into the mix? Apparently, UK Shameless is great. We'll see about that.

Computer Thief Revealed On Youtube

So this guy steals a laptop, the laptop owner previously installed software that uploads all of the laptop's files online and accesses them after it's been stolen. He finds the above video.

Now the thief, lol, has returned the laptop to the police and is begging for the video to be taken down because apparently, "he has two professional jobs and if his employers find the video, he's screwed."


Full story

Sunday, March 20, 2011

I finally saw Band Baaja Baaraat

It's the story of two recent college grads who come together to form a wedding planning business. And of course, planning all those weddings leads to love, right?

She strong willed and short tempered and he's laid back and a bit silly. Decent flick but I didn't really enjoy most of the songs except the one I'll post here. But then again, maybe it's because I'm a sap and always prefer the romantic songs.

The kissing scenes were a little off. Lol.... I guess I don't like the way the guy kisses - kinda like he puckers a bit much. The story is predictable but it's still cute enough. I always love the angry, passionate fights and this movie gave me one good one :D Hahahaha. All in all, not bad. The guy can probably tone down his acting in the future but I hear it's his first film. A reviewer said he doesn't have movie-star looks but perhaps I need to change my glasses cos I find him quite cute.

Cute movie. :) I think the 7.2 on imdb is bit high, though. For me, it's somewhere in the 6s.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Thursday, March 17, 2011

I remember being obsessed with this song when I first heard it...

... because it had that late '80s-'90s sound that I like.

Only to discover it is a remake of a 1990 song. Funny how I live in the past when it comes to music.

Speaking of music, I really want the Thorn Birds OST to be released so I can have the "You are my everything" song. :(

I'm not a shopaholic by any sense of the word but...

... I was cleaning out my closet this evening and found THREE purses that still had their tags on them and others that I'd never used. So why or why do I always buy a new one whenever I have something like a wedding to attend? And I'm not even going to talk about the shoes and clothes... ugh.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

49 Days Starts Today

I truly do not understand why there's so much hype surrounding it. :confused: We'll see how the ratings are. There tends to be a trend of internationally hyped kdramas having low ratings. Let's see if this is different.

RIP Nate Dogg


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

DAIR Spoiler Pics

I don't know what they mean but it means I can dair to dream even longer ;)

I guess they go shopping.

Is she helping him with his tie in the third pic? Is he looking at her lovingly in the 2nd pic? I don't know but I will assume so till the show kills it in April.

From what I hear, Dan will develop feelings while Blair doesn't... although she might just be in denial (someone has to be in denial to create the kind of angst that I like).

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Just Go With It

That isn't just the title of the movie but also the instruction to the audience. It's about a bachelor who pretends to be married to get girls.

The entire story is silly and filled with low-brow humor but guess what? It's entertaining if you just "go with it" and don't expect to be intellectually stimulated. I don't know... I don't care what any critic says because it cracked me up from time to time and towards the end, when it started to get romantic, it was natural and sweet.

The kids were cute, the chemistry between Aniston and Sandler was good enough, the bimbo girl did a good job and even the over the top side kick cracked me up (although I squirmed a bit at the scene with the sheep). All in all, fun was had even if it was 75% stupid fun.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


... the DAIR spoilers are not looking good. ARGH. I guess I'll have to wait for over a month to find out for sure. Some crap about Blair getting engaged to some prince or WTF? I hope the spoilers are wrong.

Of course, Dan and Blair have to hide their feelings and all that since this is a show but no freaking marriage, okay?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


If you're still around. Sorry, I only just saw your comment. If you're still interested, reply and tell me where to send the fics. SORRY!

I've been slacking for a while...

... but perhaps it's time for me to take this more seriously.

The writing world is abuzz about Amanda Hocking, the 26-year-old self-published author who sold over 450,000 copies of her e-books in January alone, mostly priced between 99 cents and $2.99. She's now a millionaire. The writing world has been abuzz for a while about J.A. Konrath, who has very publicly blogged about the significant amount of money he has made selling inexpensive e-books.
Maybe e-books is where I should be.... but first, I've gatta come up with a sensational plot AND find an editor. But apparently this 450K-selling book was barely edited with "than" being used for "then" and other problems. But she's self published which means she's probably self edited and that alone leads one down a road of horrors (I know since I self edit). Perhaps that now she's making some $$, she can find a beta reader?

Damn, I'm freaking jealous.


And it is really, really hard (or at least, it has been for me) to find an editor that can do all that. My books have all been edited - several times, by dozens of people with varying backgrounds - and people still find errors.
Oops... my bad, then.

Her blog 

These people are writing about blood and paranormal romance... I don't have that kind of imagination or interest. Back to reality :(

I must write this week...

I must write this week. I must write this week. I must write this week.I must write this week. I must write this week. I must write this week.I must write this week. I must write this week. I must write this week.I must write this week. I must write this week. I must write this week.I must write this week. I must write this week. I must write this week.I must write this week. I must write this week. I must write this week.I must write this week. I must write this week. I must write this week.I must write this week. I must write this week. I must write this week.I must write this week. I must write this week. I must write this week.I must write this week. I must write this week. I must write this week.I must write this week. I must write this week. I must write this week.I must write this week. I must write this week. I must write this week.I must write this week. I must write this week. I must write this week.I must write this week. I must write this week. I must write this week.I must write this week. I must write this week. I must write this week.I must write this week. I must write this week. I must write this week.

Life is so much easier with copy and paste. Imagine having to write lines as punishment with a computer. 1000 lines would be no big deal.

Now if only this could count as a chapter in my fic :(

But speaking of which, there's this company called Publish America that claims to be a legit publisher but others would call it a vanity publisher or a scam. They are supposedly highly selective but happened to accept a book that was the same 30 pages copied and pasted over and over. lol.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

So is Midas Gold or Copper?

Well, I just saw the first three episodes and it's a welcome change from my recent rom coms. Having said that, I'm taking a wait-and-see approach to this. It's interesting enough but there's nothing in particular to rave about so I guess I'll just wait to see the rest of the series.

Next on my watch list: The Thorn Birds

Perhaps it's time to lay off the JiYeon...

... now that I've begun to recognize folks' clothes in dramas. WTF? Pray for me.

From Midas

Would you mind if I asked Sheila out?

lol. So I'm watching Midas on viikii and this commercial comes on before each clip. Normally, I would be sick to death of it (e.g. the damn Mr. Clean commercial) but I crack up each time I watch this. lol

Friday, March 4, 2011

Coffee House Making

Finally, some JiYeon. But they packed so many scenes in here (up till ep 8) that I hope this doesn't mean they'll be killing us with the Ji Jung next week :( Hopefully, it'll be Ji Hwan and the Ji Won actor.... those should be hilarious.

Watch as soon as you can (or download) cos she'll probably be making them private in a day or so.

Loving all the playful strangulations especially after the kick in the shin.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


While others are rewatching the kiss, this has to be one of my favorite DAIR sequences. lol... they both stood each other up to prove that their friendship doesn't carry much weight... and I love how Dan talks back to her.

She's doing all the things that Chuck says would bore her in a relationship... so perhaps he doesn't know her as well as he thinks he does. And how do I love that last season, it was Dan who unknowingly prevented Chuck's proposal? LOL

lol, who would have thunk it? I'm just going to enjoy them for how long they last then stop watching the show :D Too bad no new episodes till April 18 (WTF?)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oh now I remember why I stopped watching Gossip Girl...

... the plotlines are completely ridiculous. It's like nighttime Passions or Days Of Our Lives. UGH... only watching for DAIR now.

Further evidence that DAIR = EUNSOO

Even their first kiss is the same! LOL
But yeah, even though Blair pulled him in for the kiss, Dan had suggested it to make sure there was nothing between them. lol@plot.

Don't sink the ship. That's the only problem with DAIR. I think Serena/Dan will eventually reunite because they are "meant to be." BLEGH. And Chuck and Blair the same thing. So DAIR is just a diversion. Hope the writers shock us because frankly speaking:
Dan/Serena = LAME AS HELL. So boring and full of unnecessary drama. Plus they are now step siblings. Let it go, guys.
Dan/Georgina = LAME AS HELL. I stopped watching the show but from what I know, Georgina was crazy.
Dan/Vanessa = LAME AS HELL. I thought they'd be a good couple seeing as they were best friends who crushed on each other but they turned out to be lame.
Dan/Hilary Duff = LAME. Just an excuse to have a cameo and for Dan to sleep with someone else.

I am sure there are other relationships but I've forgotten them.

Blair/Nate = Alright. First love but it wasn't meant to be.
Blair/Chuck = DYSFUNCTIONAL. Yes, they have hot chemistry and are both evil but is that what sustains a relationship? Plus she's slept with his uncle.

There are probably other relationships but I've also forgotten them.

This is the most normal and healthiest relationship either of them have ever been in. Sure, that's her best friend's ex but Serena slept with Nate when he was still dating Blair so we can call it even.

Just do something freaking right and make DAIR the endgame and not one experiment or diversion before the annoying expected OTPs find "true love" (BARF) with each other.

Okay, now I know why I love DAIR!

They are totally EunSoo.

Known each other for a while, Dan's ex-girlfriend is Blair's best friend. Always had a somewhat bickering/antagonistic relationship. Dan detests Blair's ex boyfriend and both have a lot of things in common and have gotten to know each other based on mutual interests AND Dan is a writer. LOL.

The only difference is Dan is a little lame... Jin Soo is lame in a different way, though.
Blair is a bitch... Eun Young has her bitch moments but also completely different.

DAIR FTW (Show, don't break my heart). I only watched two episodes this season to catch up on the plot but I'm going to start from the beginning to get all the Dair moments.


I dropped Gossip Girl like a hot potato last season... but.... but... I've been pulled back in with the possibility of Dan and Blair.

They've always had an antagonistic relationship and there's way too much sleeping around going here...especially as this is going to be Dan dating his OTP other half's best friend but Serena has probably slept with like 10 people on this show by now. LOL

I was never really a fan of Chuck/Blair and Serena/Dan is just so freaking boring so please, please, please writers, since you've decided to take this route, MAKE IT PERMANENT. Blair and Dan is oh so wrong... yet oh so right. Please don't show us what could have been only to break them up at the end. :(