Thursday, April 28, 2011

How hard is it to write a romance?

I'm confused. I mean, 14 episodes in, shouldn't we have seen at least ONE climactic moment? What da hell? Funny how many people love ep 14 but I am disappointed. Maybe I need to watch with subs to appreciate it but so much focus on Min Ho and In Jung and I frankly DGAF about those two. Kang-JH/K is all I care about and damn, are they dropping the ball or what?

I am thisclose to raging but will wait till next week. I mean drama writer you can so do better than this. Slowest moving romance in the history of kdrama. Men, I am not watching this drama for IJ and Min Ho for crying out loud.

49 Days

They are killing us with a lack of romance in this damn drama... almost at Dr. Champ levels! Come on people, it's a freaking KOREAN DRAMA! Up the damn ante. Jeez. No kiss till ep 20? Better not!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Look at Kang angsting. lol

He's like the second lead who never gets the girl but luckily, her man turned out to be a prick and she 'dies' and ends up working for him so now he has to find a way to help save her life. Damn. So this is what the second lead eternal piner has got to do to get the girl? Times are hard!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pretty song from the MIDAS OST

It's called "It's A Lie."

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Of course I love Kang again...

... now that he's like so freaking adorable. He's so happy to have is love by his side. LOL. Now we just need Ji Hyun to fall for him too. Yeah, she's getting jealous and stuff but we need more.

And the actor is doing a good job. His demeanor when he thought she was Yi Kyung and now that he knows she's Ji Hyun really differs. And it's like he's back to his high school personality. Well done.

My feminist mind makes me think that I shouldn't have appreciated him snatching that phone out of her hand but can I just say that I kinda love it? LOL. Yeah, he's so not letting Min Ho anywhere near her. 

Now it's time for him to help her get those tears. BUT HOW? I guess I will find out soon enough.

Although it's kinda hard for me to believe that such deep and strong feelings are based on a few months of being in school together like 10 years earlier but hey, when you find your love, you find him or her, right? At least according to Kdrama. Cute story.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The first tear was from Kang?

Come on, people. That's too UNDRAMATIC. lol. I'm disappointed. I wanted his tear to be released in a more romantic and dramatic way. I know his was the one that made her decide to try again just as she was about to give up but it's not enough.

Yes it seemed like it was his tear but I hoped they'd at least give us a twist. Come on, people.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

So the GG murderers have killed DAIR...

...and who didn't see that coming? And then next week, they throw the DAIR shippers a bone by having them have a fake relationship for an episode. WHATEVER, man. It's a good thing I was spoiled so nothing was surprising. Some people are hoping upon hope that the final episode of the season will hint at a DAIR romance in the next season but I'm not optimistic. But I'll watch all the way to the finale and if it sucks, I will dump GG like I did 2 years ago. So close yet so far, huh?

49 Days preview

I just love the look on his face here:

What are you plotting, Kang-ah? You're in trouble now, Ji Hyun. He's going to stick to you like glue. :D I do wonder how they are going to get back to spending time together since she's running scared and has told him to leave her alone. Maybe he'll just promise that he's given up believing she's JI hyun?

And this wide-eyed clueless expression on his face is to die for. :lol:

He looks so young here. lol. That's why I say both Kang and Ji Hyun fit each other because they are both like kids. Seems they haven't matured much since high school.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

New Soundtrack Obsession

Who gave up the first tear?

My bet is on Seo Woo but I won't write an essay on why it has to be her till there's confirmation on Wednesday - less embarrassing that way :D

Thursday, April 14, 2011

49 Days plotlines

So, as I watch 49 Days, despite the ghost stuff, to me, it looks like a very simple storyline... like Romance 101. But then I see all these theories and I wonder if I'm the one who's lost or something.

1) Kang has loved Ji Hyun since high school. When he finds out she's inside another person's body, he's going to do all he can to save her. I guessed this even before seeing the character descriptions and they confirmed it. I don't see how he's going to find out that she's in another woman's body then suddenly start chasing after the other woman and fall in love. LOL. Am I insane for thinking this doesn't make sense? LOL.

Plus let's not ignore the fact that the formerly engaged Ji Hyun is now single since she's discovered that her entire relationship was just part of a scheme. If TPTB didn't want her involved in a romance, she would have a very devoted fiance crying by her bedside every night.

2) The scheduler and Yi Kyung's storyline is not about rekindling an old love but about letting go. The Scheduler has been dead for 5 years, which is the same amount of time Yi Kyung has been a walking zombie. In comes a doctor who's also experienced losing a loved one to the rescue. So far, her main interaction has been with the doctor and while I don't think it will be a passionate love, I think he will teach her how to move on with her life and theirs will be a slightly open ending... meaning it will be strongly hinted that they might embark on a relationship when the time is right.

3) Kang will save Yi Kyung? Nope. How is Kang going to save her when he needs saving his damn self. LOL. He's been stuck in a one sided romance for over 10 years and been unable to confess (it seems), how is he now going to teach someone else to let go of her love and live again? Come on, son.

We'll see if I'm right or wrong but damn, the story needs to make sense.

So Han Kang is an idiot.

Listen, man. If a girl you're not even dating tells you TIME WITHOUT NUMBER that she's not freaking interested in some guy stop with the freaking accusations, you dumb ass! He's pissing me off big time.

I am almost certain that whatever misunderstanding they had in the past is all his fault.

Monday, April 11, 2011

New Couple alert: Han Kang and Shin Ji Hyun

So I got into the 49 Days thing and think it's utterly romantic. Guy has been in love with a girl since high school. After some years, he comes back to Korea to find her but she's engaged to his hyung. The week of her wedding she's involved in a car accident and her spirit is given 49 days to find 3 people who sincerely cry for her to return to life.

She's allowed to borrow the body of the woman who caused the accident to fulfill her mission and while in this new body, she interacts with the guy who's always loved her and guess what, he falls in love with her all over again (not knowing her soul is in this other body). How freaking romantic is that? He's my favorite character.

Gossip Girl Last 5 episodes promo

Well, I clearly wish she picks "the pauper." LOL... poor Dan has to be the pauper. But the promo is heavily edited and all the lines Dan says are not even related to Blair. Even the sex scene (luckily he stops it before it goes too far. PHEW!) is not with Blair. It's with Serena's cousin Charlie after he confesses to her that he really has feelings for Blair.

DAIR kiss and both say it means nothing. Blair says it changed her and made her realize she wants to be with Chuck (which is hardly an epiphany cos that's what she's been saying all season long). Then Chuck messes up and some prince that she likes comes to ask for her hand in marriage (yes, these are legitimate storylines. LMAO. Even I wouldn't make this shit up. LOL)

Chuck loses his mind because while he whores all over town, he can't imagine Blair actually moving on to someone else so he fights for her. Blair does get engaged to the prince but he's a guest star so you know he won't be lasting through to season 5. My only hope is that once she leaves the prince, she heads over to Brooklyn to meet our pauper.

Friday, April 8, 2011


Just like has been speculated in the fandom:
Dan now likes Blair, Blair still loves Chuck :(
However with all the other stuff I'm hearing, if this were a kdrama, I would say that DAIR are not over. Just a delay. But we'll see.

I think if they wanted to really kill DAIR, they would have made them date and realize they are better off as friends at the end of the episode. But that aint what's happening. Dan takes an episode to admit to his real feeings... seems it might take Blair longer. lol. If she doesn't have any feelings, why hide in her bedroom for a week and not take his call? Makes no sense.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye confirmed for Lie To Me.

I guess their shipper name is "The Coffee Couple." LOL

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

You are my everything - 4hone (Thornbirds OST)

I think I might have overhyped this song in my head. LOL. It's finally been released and it's not that exciting now that I listen to it. LOL. But it's still good and I think I just love how the chorus starts.... "Kwinchana..."

Okay, listened to it again and I'm loving it.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Sena + Minami = Love

I think I'm going to rewatch this drama for the umpteenth time this weekend.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Me working for you? You'd end up as my bitch.

Limitless is a good movie. Original plot, fast paced and interesting. Funny how 1.5 hours of limitless has more plot than 9 hours of Midas.

Hmm... I wouldn't mind the tweaked version of that drug. lol. Good job, Bradley Cooper.

What I don't like is an obvious contrivance and this glaring one involved Eddie not paying back the loan on time. That led to a series of events that made the story more exciting but nonetheless, it was clear that it was done because they couldn't think of a more creative and realistic way of taking us there.

I think I might like the new WGM couple

They are Singer Kim Won Joon (38) and actress Park So Hyun (40) and they seem to have a past. And y'all must know how intrigued I am by couples that share a past. LOL. I hope their parts get subbed cos those are the only ones I'll watch.

Friday, April 1, 2011

My sister was so in love with this song...

... that she memorized it and would go around the house singing it all day long. I think she imagined she was Janet just so she could imagine that guy kissing her.

Hold up, this song was released in 1993? So yeah, way too young for her to imagine it for the guy LOL... but perhaps only the thinking she was Janet part is true.

No it's got me thinking of one of my favorite Robyn songs. Here we go once again you and I are more than friends... making love again.

Young love is so cute

To save some for later so our love will be greater... cute. lol, but it reminds me of this movie I was watching and the woman was like, "I want to feel like I've saving something for later," but the guy was like, "But I want mine now." LOL

But I'm not a Janet Jackson fan, though... I don't think she's a good singer at all. But I do like some of her songs.

So my friend told me that this song got banned in Korea

And I lol'd cos it sounds like a kindergartener's song compared to the R&B songs of the '90s like this one:

And no, it didn't get banned even though it should have because it sounds atrocious. Take some singing lessons, dude.


Even though the artist disgusts me...

Free to love, free to live, free to laugh

Once I was so all alone... but your love rained down upon me