Wednesday, February 11, 2009

So I really, really, really HATE Boys Before Flowers

I was going to leave this comment on episode 12 (I started watching from ep 6) on another site but changed my mind:

I pretty much stopped watching the episode right when F3 came in to rescue Jun Pyo and Jandi.

Why? I don't find JP and JD's so-called love believable. I don't think deep down inside, she really likes him that much (well, I don't see it) and I think he just made up his mind that he likes her so now he's obsessed. So him getting hurt because of her isn't touching... and her running over to protect him... I don't buy it.

Why in the world was the hottie, Jae He/Ha Je attracted to Jan Di? That spoiled the whole thing. I was rooting for him because he definitely had a legitimate reason to hate Jun Pyo but why fall for Jan Di? That took a lot from it, especially as IMO, Jan Di isn't charming enough to capture all these hot guy's hearts.

They didn't beat Jun Pyo up enough. IMO, that guy is an animal and if I didn't already know how this ended, would be a perfect candidate for a 'Dangerous Love' type story... i.e. one about domestic violence or a psycho stalker. Cos that guy grabs his so-called girlfriend by the collar when he's upset and just beats up on people like an animal. He should be locked in a cage. I mean, in reality, if you date a guy like this and one day, he breaks your teeth, you can't honestly claim you didn't see it coming.

And Jan Di... what's her problem? This is just some high school puppy love. Why stay in a relationship that creates all these problems for her family? In my opinion, this is highly selfish of her. She needs to dump Jun Pyo so her family can move on.

lol... I've been told I'm overthinking this but wtf? This story is horrible. These F4 who go look down on everyone shouldn't be 'heroes' for crying out loud.

Well, I'm going to stop watching this show because it annoys me on end. As much as I hate the amnesia storyline, I think the only way this show will ever redeem itself is if Jun Pyo loses his memory and ends up becoming a different person entirely.