Tuesday, March 27, 2007

So I updated "With One Foot In" last night...

... I have 2 more chapters to post but lo and behold, I am such a procrastinator. I don't know why I just can't get the words down... and it's not because I have writer's block. Nope. It's because I am so lazy. Pfft. But I MUST finish a chapter tonight even if it kills me. I really like Wrong Foot First and I can't wait till I am done with these two chapters so I can get back to WFF-like cuteness.

But when it comes to childish things, I've jumped on the www.votefortheworst.com bandwagon. I don't watch American Idol and haven't really watched it since the first season but I dislike the show anyway. But after visiting the site and seeing how angry people were about others voting for the worst, I got inspired to vote for Sanjaya!

Frankly speaking, "America" doesn't always vote for the best which is exemplified by great people getting kicked off while sucky but beautiful (?) people stay on so why not help them out by just voting for the worst? It's not just about annoying the judges but all the fangirls who vote for reasons other than talent.

Having said that, I totally fangirl actors based on their looks (and not talent) but hey, whatever, men. lol. But on the other hand, I only fangirl musicians based on their looks AND talent. Does that make me less hypocritical? Hehehehe

Speaking of a singer I like solely based on talent, I am really loving this Joe song called If I was your man.

Unfortunately, I, too, would have picked Blair Underwood over Joe... lol. Does that make me a bad person? :(

But the girl seems to be quite triffling because both men know about the other guy yet they still want her. Is she come kind of prize? Or does she have kryptonite in her...? Her body is banging, though.

Karaoke Mania

I just discovered this site and now I'm going crazy lol


It's free and you can record as many songs are you like.

I was about to post one of my clips but yeah, I changed my mind :D There's a reason they are all private.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

I've finally seen Salaam-E-Ishq

It was a nice, cute movie. Comparable to Love Actually as in there were numerous couples linked together. In fact, I hear it was inspired by that movie but luckily, unlike many Bollywood movies, it's not a copy at all.

My fav songs from the movie (in order of preference):

Dil Kya Kare


Saiyaan Re Priyanka looked hot in this song...

Friday, March 16, 2007

Johnny Gill rocks. Such a cute song... awww...

Half Crazy

I'm still in love with you...

..what will I do without your love
baby it's heaven sent from above.
So don't believe what your friends tell you about me

And in the same vein, Tevin Campbell's Always In My Heart. I used to love this song.

More Johnny Gill...

... I love this guy sometimes.

Let's get the mood right

Thursday, March 15, 2007

I love this jam... I miss the old Whitney

I have nothing Gosh, she looked so beautiful. I loved the film too... so romantic.

Run to you... another awesome song from The Bodyguard

From Preacher's Wife... I believe in You and Me... I guess no one has uploaded the video but I'll manage with this.

On days like this that I can't write, I look back at some of my fav stories.

This was written in 2004 for a Naked!Ryan challenge. So it's fanfiction for The O.C..

Picnic by NaijaChiqa (i.e. me :D)



The loud scream awakens Ryan from his mid-afternoon siesta. The gang has decided to go on a picnic and instead of the usual beach thing, they drive up to the secluded lake Seth usually fishes at. The fact that he's never actually caught a fish made everyone suspicious of its actual existence but thirty minutes out of Newport, they'd arrived at this seemingly fertile ground covered by a variety of sturdy trees and shrubs with colors of red, brown and green.

"What?" groans our hero. After a twenty minute hike to the actual lake, a lunch of tuna sandwiches and potato chips, and the incessant gabbing between Seth and Summer, he'd been quite ready for some shut-eye. He'd slept on his back with his well-built right arm covering his face. She'd better not be screaming about a squirrel, he says to himself.

Just as he's about to move, he feels a weird sensation on his bulging bicep. Before he can even look to see its cause, he notices that same feeling it on his thigh, then his stomach. He's barely opened his eyes when Marissa screams, "Ants!"

Yes, ants. Tons and tons of them. Could it be that they'd somehow picnicked on an ant colony? When they picked out the spot, they hadn't noticed any humps with holes in them like they showed on the Discovery Channel, but before Ryan has time to ponder this, the weird sensations begin to feel more like pinches. And bites. All over him. Poor boy! He looks down and sees big black soldier ants spread across him like little pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. The stupid insects are hiding those hard-worked pecs rippling beneath his smooth skin. And those arms, long and lean with muscles that seems to cry out every time he moves. And... well, you get the picture.

He looks up at the rest of the gang and sees that they are all in the same predicament but unlike him, are all jumping up and down, trying to rid themselves of the invaders.

"The, ouch, argh, water!" Marissa manages to scream.

"What?" someone says. Which of them said it? Who cares? We just want to see Naked!Ryan.

"Oh my God," Marissa shrieks, running her hands through her hair like someone intent on becoming bald. "The fucking water," she says, running in the direction of the lake. They all follow suit.

"COLD!" Marissa and Seth utter through chattering teeth.

Unperturbed by the temperature -because he's too sexy for that- Ryan completely immerses his body in the water and comes out soaking wet. We pause for a few seconds to just stare. Hello, look at him. His hair is plastered on his strong, angular face and his wife-beater is so wet it looks transparent. As if reading our minds, Ryan v...e...r...y slowly puts his hands at the bottom of his shirt and pulls it over his head. We said v...e...r...y slowly so we shall repeat: He pulls off the wet fabric and we watch as it slides, inch by inch, over the edges of his exquisite musculature. He looks down and notices that he only has a few ants left on him, so, he moves to another part of the lake and removes them one after the other. First he picks the one that's lying on his not too wide, but so well defined shoulder. We notice a scar that we imagine he'd obtained at a barroom brawl and an image of a jousting Ryan comes into mind. Yeah, Medieval!Ryan is hot. Then he pulls one off his nipple; hard as pebbles and flanked by one or two hairs. We... ah, forget it! Let's not go there. With his little finger, he flicks off the one that's attempting to hide in his belly button -a navel that's housed by that taut, flat abdomen that makes you want to run your finger down it to feel every hard contour of sinew. Then he puts his hand behind him and picks the last one off his back, a back that celebrates his strength and starts off broad then tapers to a narrow waist that lies above the gentle swell of his tight

"How many ways can I say this sucks?" Seth whines. "I'm going back to the car!"

"Me too," Marissa adds. Bye, we say. Seth's cute, but scrawny chests are not in. And as for Marissa... well, we are just not into that.

Ryan must know that we are watching because he decides to turn his back to us and walk over to a shallower side of the lake and in doing so, slowly exposes the lower part of his body. Did we say something about a gentle swell? Yeah, his pants cling to tight buttocks and we don't even care that he has a wedgie because it means we can practically see the firm sleekness of him. As we try to come up with reasons for him to take those pesky pants off, he stops and stares. A little surprised because we are The Powers That Be and that wasn't in the script, we follow his gaze.

Shit. Summer. We forgot all about her. Yeah, just what we need - an absolutely beautiful girl distracting our hero. Yes, she's wet and somehow the dirt on her face makes her look even more appealing, but we don't care. All we want is to get PartiallyClothed!Ryan back on track to becoming Naked!Ryan.

Maybe a water snake can bite her and she dies, one of the dumbest members of our group suggests. A patient person reminds him that instead of a Naked!Ryan, we'll get a Mourning!Ryan. And even though Crying!Ryan, is oh, so sexy, Romeo and Juliet, this is not.

How about we give Ryan food poisoning? "Shut up!" is the only response that moron gets. In what world is diarrhea cute? Then someone comes up with a plan.

Ryan is still mesmerized, his mouth slightly agape because for some reason, maybe she'd forgotten to do her laundry or something, she's not wearing a bra. Hence, her entire upper body is drenched in lake water and since she's only seventeen and unfortunately, gravity is not yet at work

A wave comes from nowhere and forces her, face first, into the lake. She's struggling, looking like a complete idiot, coughing up the vile water, throwing up, possibly farting, basically doing all the things we imagine our dear Ryan isn't attracted to, and we are pleased.

He runs over to her and helps her up. We'd expected this, after all, he is our own little Caring!Ryan, but instead of leaving her after he's sure she's alright, he pulls her into him and holds her tight. What the hell? Someone is getting fired! With some undesirable expression plastered across that face we love staring at, he slowly runs his hand up and down her back. She's crying or something because it was a particularly huge wave and she thought she was going to die, but who cares? She's keeping us from our Naked!Ryan! We are frustrated. This isn't going like we'd planned. What happened to the further descriptions of his muscular torso, or the hardness of his lithe legs, or the bulging muscles of his powerful thighs? Hello, we didn't look this up on the internet for nothing! Tempers are flaring but luckily, frustration brings a barrage of ideas. Hit them with a stray plank of wood. Target's been hit but they are still stuck like glue. Rain, mixed with hail sounds good too but that only makes him put his hand on her face to protect it from the hard pelts.

A bible, someone suggests. Why? To remind him he's holding on to best friend's girlfriend, but the book is so wet by the time it reaches them, it might as well have been a collector's edition of Hustler. Just when we think things can't get any worse, the protective hand on her face becomes a sensuous one, caressing the edges of her cheek and slowly inching to the side of her mouth.

The rustling of feet on grass startles them apart and Marissa re-emerges.

"What are you doing?" she yells. "We've been waiting for you! Come on," she gestures, then walks back.

And thus concludes our little exercise because, without as much as a glance at Summer, Ryan walks out of the lake and back to the car.

Another one... Usher's bedtime "live"

Some retard flagged it on youtube. Some people are truly deranged.

I love this song. I love Usher (well, I loved him). Too bad there's no video and this clip drags on forever. Could you start singing the damn song already! JEEZ

Craving your body all through the night
Feels like I'm going through withdrawals
I wanna hold you, I want you inside these arms
I'm dying to taste you I can't deny
I can't get it out of my mind
Please let me hold you, cos I need your loving tonight.

Whenever I'm near you, my love just comes down
Whenever I see you, I just want you around
Cos I wanna feel you, all through the day and the night
Whenever I'm near you it feels like bedtime...

Oh, I love this verse... I can't believe I'm typing this all up hahaha!

Constantly thinking of things to do, places where we can make love
I wanna freak you, I'll freak you wherever you want
Placing my kisses all over you
Caressing you so nice and slow
Oh how I want you
Girl, there's something I want you to know... yeah, I know it baby!

Another 'oldie' I love...

... why do I love all these romantic sexual songs? :D Well, I guess I know why I do. ;)

Pretty Girl by Jon B.

Your lips, your smile, your tenderness oh babe
The way you walk, I can't resist your style
When I sleep at night, I dream of you o baby
I wake up wet thinking of you o baby...

Another song that needs to be written about me. He'll be all excited about pleasing me. Yeah, baby!

I've got Zero motivation to write...

... so why not listen to what used to be one of my favorite songs? This song makes me feel all gooey inside. Now, it only someone could write a song like this about me.

Monday, March 12, 2007

My favorite hot guys from Hana Kimi

lol... I feel like writing some slash now... hehehe. But I don't write RPF. Maybe I can just write one about Senior Nan and Quan? lol... you know what? Hmm...

And how can't you have slashy thoughts after seeing this pic? Chun/Danson for life! lol

Saturday, March 10, 2007

With One Foot In (Sequel to WFF)...

... is coming along nicely. I think it'll be done in a month! I love Ji Tae and Hee Soo and I hope the readers love them too. I am anticipating a mucho romantic ending. I am already smiling about it :D

Well, this would be one of Ji Tae's songs if it had a soundtrack.

Can You Help Me by Usher

Sunday, March 4, 2007

ARGH! How many times will these dummies...

... at VH1 Soul play this darned Jennifer Hudson song from Dreamgirls? The thing is just hurting my ears. I don't know when we decided that screaming qualified for singing. She really needs to just shut the hell up. And now dey no go let us hear word by friggin playing the yeye song every 30 mins. Okay, she won the Oscar. Congrats. Can you now let us rest? JEEEEEEEEEEZ.

Oh GOSH. Now they are playing that stupid new song by Amerie. Music of today really sucks. GRRRR.

On another note, I've finished the 7th chapter of MMHM... now I'm just editing. Hwaiting!

"A one night stand with a prostitute."

Hahaha. I just read something hilarious. How can you have a one night stand with a prostitute? Aren't they usually paid on an hourly (or case-by-case) basis? Are you expected to spend more than one night with a prostitute?

Outside of Bollywood, I am not really into Asian music...

... but I just love Sweet Sorrow.

It's a group of 4 geeky-looking guys. Maybe that's why they aren't so popular? I tried to get some info on them but I can't find a site in English. Regardless, they are immensely talented and their voices are just great. Their harmonies are perfect. Plus their music has an R&B feel which is a plus for me.

I love these songs:

Sweet Sorrow

No youtube link for Sunshine which I just love.

Happy Song

Why is this guy just so cute?

Someone out there should please tell me.

On another note, I just started watching Lucas on Women's Entertainment and you know what? Teen stories are cute :D Maybe I'll continue writing Make Him Mine on soompi... hehehe. I should finish what I start, right?

Oh, and speaking of teen stories, even though I finally found the link to Looking For Alibrandi on youtube, I think I might still get the DVD.

I'm having a shitty day!

I was just reading some of my old stuff and got so disappointed in myself. I used to write good, interesting, meaningful things. Why am I now just writing CRAP? FLUFF? SHIT?

Why do I suddenly want to write YA Romance? Femi's Diary is chicklit but it does have depth. Why am I not taking my writing seriously? Am I scared of failure? At least, if I don't try hard I don't get disappointed when nothing comes out of it. Is that what the problem is?

I am wondering why I spend my time writing things at soompi that I know nothing will ever come out of. I know it's good to keep writing so that I get better at it but shouldn't I write something that could have a future? Plus soompi really isn't really the right place for me.

Going back to YA Romance, I just read some stuff and I think I can easily do it. Plus these stories are like 40k+ words which I can easily come up with. I wonder if I'm considering this because I think it's easy. Anyhoo, I'm thinking of really editing WFF and sending it to Simon & Schuster. I'll have to de-Koreanize the characters but is it even publishable in its current state? How can someone who isn't Korean and has never been to Korea write about Koreans in Korea? Oh well. I think getting rejections is better than not trying at all.

I think it's about time I stopped just writing and sitting on my ass without seeing if I could actually do something with it. And even though NE is kinda doing it, it's online. I guess I have to see if I can get anything published. Time to dust off my old stories and edit. Time to come up with new short stories. Time to start working on a novel instead of just thinking up stories I never write. But is it time to stop writing at soompi?

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Such a touching song!

I love this song. In fact, everyone that watches Rules Pyaar Ka Superhit falls in love with it too. And this song is the reason I started uploading songs to youtube... now I'm a maniac. :D Well, now I can enjoy the subbed version anywhere in the world. Woo Hoo!

Chhodo Na Mujhe

Na Ba Ka

My last upload for the day. Being from Southern Nigeria, although we listened to a lot of music from different parts of Nigeria, Hausa music wasn't as popular while I was growing up.

Anyhoo, this is a fabulous Hausa song called Na Ba Ka by Jeremiah Gyang.

Na Ba Ka

Naija Praise

Since I'm in the uploading mood, I decided to upload a nice gospel song by Sammy Okposo.

Basically, just like we have hymns, in Nigeria, we also have praise songs or choruses that we also sing as part of Christian worship. Some are in English and others in the native language.

Nigeria has about 250 different ethnic groups so Sammy Okposo celebrates our diversity and praises God in this wonderful song that's a fusion of different choruses from a variety of ethnic groups.

Since he can't exactly sing 250 different choruses, he kind of sticks to the Niger Delta area and adds the three major ethnic groups. He starts off with a song from where we're both from called Isoko. Isoko wado! Wazobia!

Naija Praise

Since it's not online...

... I decided to upload it. Men, I am loving Eji Owuro as well as Olo mi which I already posted on this blog.

Eji Owuro

Selena RIP

I really liked the movie starring J.Lo and it's a shame that I only got to know about the artist after her death but I love her stuff.

Bidi Bidi Bom Bom

Como La Flor

Dreaming of you I absolutely love this song.

I could fall in love


15-minute ficlet I wrote a long while ago. I really need to start writing new stuff (outside of my soompi stuff).

Word: Quest.

She was on a mission of sorts; a quest, some might say. She rummaged through her purse looking for it. Her fingers moved through crumbs, pens, make-up and all her other 'essentials' till they brushed a small, round object. She smiled as she pulled it out.

"Fucking eraser," she said, throwing it on the floor. Frustrated, she grabbed her bag and turned it upside down, emptying it on the bed.

She searched through all the knickknacks that had resided in it for the past month but couldn't find it. Satisfied her search had been thorough, she pulled up her pillow and felt under it. Then she pushed the contents of her bag to the floor and pulled out all the sheets.

“Where the fuck is it?” she snarled to herself. “Why the fuck am I not organized?”

She kicked the bundle of sheets and blanket to the floor then pulled up her mattress. Still nothing. She let the mattress drop to the springs then got on all fours and searched under the bed. She pushed her shoes aside, pulled out the previous year’s yearbook and shoved the screw driver to the foot of the bed. After about a minute of pushing and feeling, she exhaled and let a smile replace the scowl that had practically been etched on her face for the past week. She picked it up with two fingers, pulled it out, then sat against her bed.

Without missing a beat, she unwrapped the candy and popped it into her mouth. “No one ever said dieting was easy,” she reminded herself, wiping the sweat off her brow.

Romance done right.

One of my favorite things about Bollywood is when they do romance well, it's just unbelievable and has this way of lifting your spirits.

Now, Kal Ho Naa Ho, is nowhere near perfect and riddled with a lot of crap (the SRK parts) but this song is just a great example of "Romance Done Right."

Kuch To Hua Hai

Aye Udi Udi

Why do I love this song so much? Perhaps it's because it's from Saathiya which is one of my favorite films. Period. And it's so fun and flirty. I really loved Rani and Vivek in this movie.

Then of course, I have to listen to Chhalka Chhalka Re which is also from Saathiya.

And since I'm talking about this film, Chupke Se is sooooooooooo cute and awesome. This movie just rocks.

I am really loving the song...

... Eji Owuro which is the title song of the movie of the same name. But since I can't find it online, I'll post this old school song. :) Yeah, there's no connection.

Wait for Me