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So in the early episodes of CH, before they began to develop the EunSoo storyline, there were certain looks he gave her that made me suspect that something was up. This is one of them from episode 3. But on another note, how fine was he in this role? Seriously!

Anyhoo, so after posting the Nollywood Fever blog, I decided to take a look and tada, I am watching something now. She highly recommended Naked Faces.

When I started watching, I instantly recognized it as a movie I'd X'ed out of previously. Basically, it's about three friends. One rich, one struggling and another who'd just been deported back to Ghana. Struggling guy lives with a girlfriend who's desperate to get married. The person playing the girlfriend is a horrible actress. The movie is being narrated by the "writer." Not only is that dude a terrible actor, he's highly annoying. The movie starts off with some bromance stuff but after the deportee moves in with the rich dude, rich dude's mom begins to seduce him.

I have no problem with cougar-love. In fact, I encourage it. But this lady just doesn't look sexy trying to seduce this guy. So after 50 minutes of watching this movie, I've X'ed out.

I know I said I was going to try Gumiho but I've changed my mind once again. lol. Now I'm trying another movie called Checkmate. We'll see how that goes.

Pimping Nollywood

I guess I should talk about Nollywood here too. It's been a few months since I've watched a movie but it's all good. The rest of the links can be found on youtube. 

Violated (mid 90s)

I really loved this movie as a child but I wonder if it's really as good as I thought/think or it's just nostalgia because I still love it. Gotta love RMD.

VHS to DVD to youtube so definitely not the best quality but such is life. The first scene is dark because it's night time but it gets better later on. This was for all the Anne Hartrope/Segun Kadiri fans of Checkmate. lol... but they really had good chemistry so of course it made sense for the pairing to make a movie together.

(The rest of the link are on youtube)

I wish I could find Keeping Faith (2003) online just so I can post it but no one's uploaded it (I've only found the first 10 minutes). Kinda sad but I have it on VCD so lucky me, right?

This one is ok but a good entry film for those not used to Nollywood. It's called Letters to a Stranger(2007).

Okay, I should totally start pimping the ones I enjoyed... and keep some kind of index so I know what to rewatch.

Sitanda (2006) is for those who want something different. Audio is off, though.

Youtube is always a good resource for Nigerian films but if you can't stand the bite-sized chunks, you can brave the pop-up friendly Nigeria Online (Google Chrome tends to block the pop-ups pretty well) or Bunibuni.

This blogger writes a lot of reviews so I often check her blog when looking for a new movie to watch. 


... I just might give My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho another shot. Why? With all the squealing, I feel like I am missing out on something. I've liked Shin Min Ah since My Mighty Princess, even though I watched that movie for another hubby of mine, Yoo Gun. He's kind of a hottie with some weirdness. As in, he's hot but there's something slightly off about him. Anyway, turned out he wasn't really her love interest since he was all obsessed with some ajumma. The love story ended up being about her and her childhood best friend... I kinda like that plotline so it worked for me!

Anyway, moving on... so I'm giving the drama another shot. I would like to be in love with another drama again but it looks too cutesy for me. We'll see. Anyhoo, even though EunSoo is like the best couple ever, I doubt they'll get the award especially with the Gumiho drama having much better ratings and a much larger fanbase. :( Shame since they freaking deserve it.

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The psychology of Coffee House (Part 2)

Whenever I watch dramas on viikii (which is rarely), I turn the comments off. Why? Because I find them distracting. However, watching Coffee House was an exception. Okay to be frank, I often watched without the comments but would read them afterwards. Reading those comments provided insight (?) into what others were thinking.

As previously mentioned, Coffee House had the typical love square which is pretty much a combination of two love triangles:

Second Lead Male - Lead Female - Lead Male
                                Lead Female - Lead Male - Second Lead Female.

Second Lead Male - Lead Female - Lead Male - Second Lead Female.

What were the love squares on Coffee House?

Ji Won - Eun Young - Jin Soo - Seung Young?
Dong Wook - Seung Yeon - Jin Soo - Eun Young?
Ji Won - Eun Young - Jin Soo - Hee Soo?

I'll say yes at first glance but no when you take a closer look. 

For starters, what's a long triangle?
A love triangle usually involves the hero being torn between two people. In general, it's usually a case of heart versus head. One character is better for you on paper, while the other has your heart. But in dramas, the love triangle is generally not a real one - because it's clear that the hero will not choose the second lead. So I personally don't consider that a love triangle when the other person might be vying for the hero or heroine's love but really has no chance in hell of getting it.

What often happens is the second lead (generally the man) makes a play for the lead female's heart and technically has a chance (even though the audience knows better). Examples would be My Girl and Full House where the lead females became good friends with the second lead male even though their hearts never followed them.  Another case can be where the lead is romantically involved with both and has to make a choice. Even though I previously cited TODAW as an example of a "Waste of Time Love Triangle," it's a legitimate one because the lead girl dated both men even though her heart was with one. I think the tightest love triangle I've seen in a kdrama was in My Love Patzzi where she loved both men romantically, but in different ways. The audience didn't know who she'd pick - neither did the writers since she didn't pick either. LOL.

Anyway, back to Coffee House. Coffee house had two legitimate love triangles although no legitimate love square. And why I say there was no legitimate love square is because the love triangles didn't occur at the same time.

They were:
Ji Won - Eun Young - Jin Soo
Hee Soo - Jin Soo - Eun Young.

Ji Won - Eun Young - Jin Soo occurred in the second half of the drama when Eun Young was engaged to Ji Won but still in love with Jin Soo while, the other occurred in the first half where Jin Soo was in love with Eun Young but couldn't forget Hee Soo.

Ji Won - Eun Young - Jin Soo - Hee Soo may have occurred 10 years prior to episode 1 but there's no clarity on it.

I don't consider very clearly defined one-sided love to be part of a legitimate love triangle. So I don't consider Ji Won to be a part of any love triangle in the first half of the drama because Eun Young herself didn't even consider him a romantic prospect. And likewise, I don't consider Seung Yeon a part of any legitimate love triangles. However, Seung Yeon was part of an interesting dynamic:

Dong Wook - Seung Yeon - Jin Soo

This translates to Dong Wook had unrequited love for Seung Yeon who had unrequited love for Jin Soo. A love triangle gets solved by two of the participants having mutual love for each other. Will Dong Wook & Seung Yeon eventually get together? Possibly. But this still wouldn't make the above a love triangle because both love lines didn't occur at the same time. 

So what's the point of all this? The lead character of Coffee House was Jin Soo and since this is a rom-com and polygamy is out of the question, the drama would end with him picking someone and riding into the sunset with her. As I mentioned, there were only two true love triangles involving Jin Soo in this drama.

Hee Soo - Jin Soo - Eun Young.
Jin Soo clearly loved Eun Young but was haunted by Hee Soo's death. But instead of following his heart, he chose to leave Eun Young in order to deal with his issues considering Hee Soo.

Ji Won - Eun Young - Jin Soo
Jin Soo returned from wherever he was determined to finally follow his heart. However, Eun Young was already engaged to Ji Won. We know this love triangle ended because Jin Soo crashed the wedding and stole the bride in his unique way. LOL. Ultimately, Eun Young chose Jin Soo over Ji Won and both rode Segways together into the sunset.

In both love triangles which spanned the series, Jin Soo and Eun Young had mutual attraction and interest in one another. So why were there still some who expected Jin Soo to pick someone who wasn't even a part of any legitimate love triangles or love lines with him? Because she was the very typical Korean drama lead female.

Pretty, accomplished woman vs cute (or ugly) unaccomplished woman.
Anyone who's watched an American teen romance knows that the gorgeous cheerleader is a bitch. Even if you don't watch teen romances, anyone who's seen The Sound of Music can see that the plain nun, Maria, had a heart of gold, while the pretty, sophisticated woman (whatever her name was) was a manipulative gold digger. I can't even remember if Richard Gere had another love interest in Pretty Woman but we all know that he found true love with the unsophisticated, poor prostitute with a heart of gold. So kdrama doesn't have a monopoly on the idea that poor, naive women with huge hearts end up with the rich dude. However, in almost all cases, her competition is a pretty, sophisticated, manipulative bitchy-type.

So what happens when the pretty, sophisticated, successful woman isn't a bitch? What happens when she's actually a pretty damn wonderful woman who despite the abuse, has taken care of the hero for many years?

See, I've watched many dramas where I have rooted for the second lead because frankly speaking, they treated the heroine better but at the end of the day, I understood that the heroine is better off with the person she loves.

But for many people watching Coffee House, this wasn't the case. Despite Jin Soo making it extremely clear that he loved the pretty, successful career woman, many were still hoping upon hope that he would change his heart. When it became clear that Jin Soo had his very annoying, stubborn personality and his heart would never change on its own, they hoped that Eun Young would marry the wrong guy so that he'd be forced to give up on her. DOES THIS EVEN MAKE SENSE?

Romance dramas have conditioned us to hate the gorgeous career woman.
When we meet her, we almost always expect her to turn evil. Even as a EunSoo shipper from the first episode, even though I saw that despite her quirks and declarations that she was only 10% less mean than Jin Soo the jerk, that it was pretty damn obvious that she was a nice woman, I wondered about this. Because I've seen enough kdramas to know that jealousy is an evil thing and can turn a woman crazy.

When it became clear that she truly had Jin Soo's best interests at heart, some people began to see evil where there was none. A prime example was when she warned Seung Yeon about his sleeping pills. Instead of people seeing it for what it was, many insisted that she was telling Seung Yeon to drug him. So Eun Young's meanness in certain audience members minds, ends up being proven like a self fulfilled prophecy. Since they already expect the beautiful career woman to do evil things, they twist her actions to prove their theories.

Opposites attract 
Coffee House aimed to show us a realistic couple. I don't know about others, but something that attracts me to someone is finding things we have in common. Other than physical appearance, common interests is probably the second thing individuals look for when searching for a partner. Who wants to be with someone you can't enjoy music, vacations and even restaurants with? Someone you always have to fight with, or compromise with because you don't enjoy the same things or have similar sensibilities, ideologies or beliefs? However, while common interests might be the initial reason a couple might form, differences help nurture it.

Jin Soo and Eun Young had a similar vibe about them. Without even knowing their history, from the way they interacted, you could see how they could get along. Even though their attitudes to work and human relationships were at opposite sides of the spectrum, it was clear that they were on the same plane intellectually. Plus being similar ages, it was probably true that they'd also had similar life experiences. So why would people be turned off by a couple that was very clearly well matched? Because they weren't doing wacky things together.

The romantic part of Coffee House was about timing. When Eun Young wanted to change the nature of their relationship, Jin Soo wasn't ready. By the time he was ready, Eun Young had already moved on. However, because some people already have this notion that they were too similar, they didn't pay attention to this very significant part of this drama. Instead, they were focused on the interactions between the naive, clueless girl and the arrogant man.

The idea is that the arrogant, successful man would provide structure to the naive girl's life, while naive girl will bring fun into his life.

But did Jin Soo look like he was suffering from lack of fun? Before the angst began, the show also showed that Eun Young and Jin Soo could laugh together. The only difference was instead of him stuffing her into a suitcase and screaming "Are you crazy?" at her, they bantered. The drama also showed that they kind of spoke their own language and shared a similar sense of humor like in episode 15 when they joked about the chamberpot. So their humor was more subtle and more realistic and mature. But it was too subtle for those expecting the typical romantic comedy that leads to love.

Realistically, could Jin Soo and Seung Yeon work out? NO. Just take a look at these characters. Despite Jin Soo's comments about Seung Yeon's lack of sex appeal, I don't think he's above being attracted to her. However, Jin Soo is probably one of the most condescending characters in any kdrama I've seen. Although he might adopt the role of a mentor or a sunbae in her life, he would never consider her an equal. Think to episode 10 when he told Eun Young that everything Seung Yeon had told her had been false. He pretty much said something like, "Young girls are prone to flights of fancy." Throughout this drama, this man tortured this poor girl over and over yet many were still hoping he'd fall in love. Why?

Because Bullying leads to love.
I'd heard so many good things about Hana Yori Dango but was pretty much mortified each time I tried to watch it. The entire F4 thing made me sick. Why should four guys who derive pleasure from lording over their classmates be the main characters? Also, why should the leader, the one who had the most fun humiliating the lead girl fall in love with her? And worse, her with him? Does this even make sense?

I did eventually watch HYD, but that was only after I skipped two episodes. I then attempted to watch BOF and I think this was even much worse - I couldn't stomach it. Lee Min Ho's character really was an animal. Many romantic comedies start off the same way - the pair who rub each other the wrong way fall in love. But some kdrama rom coms go too far with this torture device.

Kdramas love for the lead man to make fun of the lead woman's appearance and call her ugly. They love for him to call her an idiot. They love for him to humiliate her. To have no regard for her. Then as he falls for her, his feelings change and she thinks he's a special person.

I don't know what's going on with other women, but I am definitely not about to fall in love with anyone who calls me ugly, a fool or has little or no regard for me. I prefer for a man to see me as a woman from the get go, and treat me as such.

However, we're so used to seeing heroes change their previously negative opinions of heroines that we don't even flinch when he's being mean to her because apparently, it will all be worth it in the end because he'll fall in love with her. Yes, "Love is Pain" but there's a limit.

Anyway, even though Jin Soo made it clear that he didn't think much of her as his secretary, tortured her, insulted her and disregarded her feelings, many were still expecting him to change his opinion and fall in love with her. As time passed, Jin Soo did grow up a little but he enjoyed torturing her to the very end as shown in the prison scene in episode 18.

As I just mentioned, Jin Soo did change a little but what caused that change? Love?

Love influences change.
Even though the romantic couple was clearly Jin Soo and Eun Young, many refused to believe it because apparently, she wasn't his source of change. But is that true?

As previously implied, the appeal of opposites attracting is both being the missing piece the other lacks. Through flashbacks, we could tell that when Jin Soo was in a very dark place, Eun Young helped bring him into the light through writing. So there's no question that she changed his life although at a different time so perhaps it's not as important to all viewers. Regardless, even though Jin Soo was no longer suicidal, he was still very irresponsible and this frustrated Eun Young as shown in the episode 7 conversation.

However, did his interactions with Seung Yeon bring about change? In romances, the idea is that the love for one person influences the other to become a better man. For starters, as we know, Jin Soo didn't love Seung Yeon so that couldn't have been a reason for him to change. However, there are 2.5 things she showed him:

1) Just because the situation doesn't change doesn't mean that heart won't.
Hearing this in episode 11 influenced his actions at the end of the episode.
2) Don't run because you have something to protect.
Hearing this made him stick around in episode 16
2.5) Her refusal to sell him her Galapagos story as well as Ji Won protecting his love showed him how others were living with purpose in their lives.

In reality, we learn from a lot of people - friends, teachers, priests, television shows etc etc... but this isn't enough reason for us to fall in love with them.

But in Coffee House, did Jin Soo choose to change because of his love for Eun Young?

1)It might be debatable but why would Jin Soo have to run out of town to deal with his Hee Soo-problems if not for Eun Young?
2)We know seeing her tears made him punish Ji Won in episodes 3 & 4.
3)In episode 11, hearing Eun Young say she was dumb for believing in his sincerity caused him to go berserk and beat up Ji Won.
4)He pretty much told her in episode 18 that he did things he would never do for her.

But do we call these change or simply acts? Certain things made him act but not necessarily change his behavior. It's true that a series of actions lead to a change in a person but in this case, it's far more subtle than usual. So overall, can we say that the Jin Soo in episode 1 was different from the one in episode 18? I think he just grew up a little. Not because he suddenly fell in love and decided to become a better man. But a series of events and a series of actions probably encouraged him to change his attitude a little. At the end of the day, Jin Soo was still Jin Soo with blond hair. But now, instead of hiding from his love, he embraced it. He chose to stop selfishly lying but lied for her instead. His love for Eun Young did make him change but perhaps not in the usual kdrama manner.

This is how Coffee House is more realistic than other dramas. I was one of the people who was extremely irritated at Jin Soo for not changing quickly enough. We are used to watching characters slowly change from like episode 4 and 5 and it almost looked like he did back then. Because in episode 4, we saw that this jerk of a man was capable of caring about someone (when Seung Yeon got hurt because of him). But was that a change or merely just his nature? While he was a jerk, he wasn't a monster and having heard about how badly Seung Yeon had been hurt, wouldn't it make sense for him to be very worried?

So all in all, Jin Soo's change was more realistic. He was still a jerk till the end. He still loved Eun Young just like he had at the beginning of the drama. He did gain some respect for Seung Yeon which is a natural change as they'd been strangers at the beginning of the drama. He did embrace instead of reject his love - which was the story of the drama. But he was still very much himself.

So neither Eun Young or Seung Yeon really won on the "she made him change" front. I think he changed on his own. But is a romance drama a competition? And should there be a winner? Yes and Yes.

The Underdog wins
This might be the most important one yet and why I mentioned turning viikii comments off. Other than the usual, "she makes him laugh" and "he's happier with her" comments... there were also the "pretty beats cute?" "It's unfair. Eun Young got everything while Seung Yeon got nothing."

Since this is a romance drama, love from the hero is considered the ultimate prize. But in Coffee House, is it really?

Jin Soo is a jerk and nobody's hero. Seriously. If not for the fact that Eun Young really loved him, I'd advice that she find someone else, especially when he was being a selfish fool. Even those who wanted him with Seung Yeon ignored all the abuse he meted out on her and wanted her to get his love. But this drama wasn't only about love.

The entire premise was about this girl wanting to become a pro. And a girl with no ambition or direction ended up making a life for herself. And not only that, she also had the potential for finding love with someone who'd loved her unconditionally. If not him, someone else. She'd learned life lessons that had helped her grow into a more confident person. So how can one define this as "getting nothing?"

But there's a bit of a resentment with Eun Young "having it all." Someone who's pretty, successful and rich needs to lack in some regard. I think this is another reason kdramas are appealing. The rich girl has her looks and money while the poor girl gets the man. But don't pretty, successful women also deserve love too? Don't they also find love in the real world? Maybe this dynamic of poor, ugly girl getting the man feeds into our hidden jealousy. Maybe we don't really like to see people have it all so it's a little satisfying to watch the underdog get the man - even if it's not very realistic. After all, who watches kdrama for realism?

Then the question becomes: Why do we watch kdrama rom-coms?

To Be Continued...

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I'm in love by Narsha

Semi-abandoning kdamas three years ago also meant that I also semi-abandoned k-music. I'm not a boyband/idol fan but I appreciate good music - even if I don't understand the language. I tend to go for mellower music and there's loads of that in kmusic. I've recently discovered a pretty song called "I'm in love."


Turns out it's a remake of another song by an artist called Ra.D. I think his version is arguably better but Narsha also sings it in a pretty way. So in the end, it's a matter of taste.

I'll say that the best thing about watching kdramas is that even if it ends up sucking and becoming a waste of your time, you'll most likely find at least one good song on the drama's O.S.T. Case in point, this one off Oh My Lady's soundtrack.

The psychology of Coffee House (Part 1)

As I've already mentioned a billion times in this blog, Korean Drama Coffee House pretty much took over my entire summer.

What is Coffee House? Coffee House is a romantic comedy about a writer, Lee Jin Soo, his publisher, Seo Eun Young and his secretary Kang Seung Yeon. Seo Eun Young's ex, Han Ji Won, a director of a company, makes up the usual quadrangle.

Sounds like the typical kdrama romantic comedy set up? Yes.

Kdramas usually have:
A naive or spunky lead girl
The cold/arrogant lead man
The cold/arrogant lead man's best friend, cousin, brother, sunbae (senior) etc etc (Second lead man)
The cold/arrogant man's ex-girlfriend, first love, crush, or best friend/younger friend who's always loved him. (Second lead woman)

The usual set up is that after a whole bunch of drama, the leads find true love. Generally, on this bumpy road to love, the lead man puts the lead woman through hell and she finds solace and warmth with the second lead who pines for her and loves her unconditionally. Of course, there are times the second lead turns evil, like in Delightful Girl Choon Yang but more often than not, he loves her and gets nothing in return.

The second lead girl on the other hand is a very jealous, spiteful girl who will stop at nothing to try to get the man. In most cases, the arrogant man starts the drama in love with the second lead girl but she's arrogant or a bitch or takes him for granted or whatever it is. However, when his focus starts to shift to the main girl, she becomes a jealous psycho. Sometimes, the second girl isn't mean and is just unhappy at losing her love (like in My Fair Lady).

What are the character relationships in Coffee House?
Lee Jin Soo and Seo Eun Young have a 10 year friendship.
Lee Jin Soo and Han Ji Won have also known each other for at least 10 years. Ji Won is Jin Soo's sunbae.
Kang Seung Yeon is a clueless, spunky, naive girl who meets Lee Jin Soo at the very beginning of episode one. So at first glance, this is the classic kdrama romantic comedy set up.

LJS = lead man
KSY = lead girl
SEY = second lead girl
HJW = second lead man

Like in all kdrama rom coms (and American ones too), LJS and KSY have a meet-cute. SY's family runs a failed coffee shop that JS walks into one fine day. A bunch of stuff happens including SY being locked in the restroom. Other stuff occurs and this leads to SY becoming JS's secretary.

While the first episode introduces Jin Soo and Eun Young's relationship and we get to see they are business associates as well as frienemies, we are also introduced to Seung Yeon's family. Oh, and did I mention that the spunky girl is generally poor and from a loud, "funny" and happy family just like Seung Yeon's?

Kdramas have the stereotype of rich people being unhappy and/or boring but poor people being lively and fun. So part of the appeal of this set up of the arrogant, rich guy meeting the poor, spunky girl is the poor girl opens his world and he starts to live. He's no longer so uptight and closed off in his rich world and gets to see the world through her more "real" eyes. I don't know why this stereotype exists in dramas. If the rich are so uptight, boring and don't "live," why do so many people covet their lifestyles? Or does this stereotype exist to make the general masses feel better about their social and financial status? And is it true that poor people are somewhat satisfied with their status and manage to be happy and lead full lives despite it? Because more often than not, the poor family is full of love and happiness while the rich family is cold with a whole bunch of drama.

Anyway, I digress. So Coffee House starts off the usual way except for that lead man and supposed second lead girl's relationship. What's different about it? In most cases, the lead man has a crush on the second lead girl but she's never paid him much attention. Or they were previously in a relationship. Or she's always had a crush on him but he was never interested. There's the rare case where the second lead girl and lead man aren't involved in a love triangle but that's not what this discussion is about.

Moving on... instead of the usual set up, what we have is the frienemy set up which is quite common in romantic comedies. In rom-coms, the lead couple is usually at that stage in like episodes 3 or 4 although not as deep as here where it's clear that they are way more friends than enemies. The 'enemy' part of their relationship is like that of a game - it's the device they use to hide their true feelings because it becomes increasingly clear that underneath these barbs, these two don't just merely like, but care about each other deeply. So when you look at the big picture, this isn't just a case of love-hate, it's more of one of unrealized or suppressed love. That alone should tell the audience that the 'rom' part of this 'rom com' refers to the Lee Jin Soo/Seo Eun Young story, right? However, instead of providing clarity, it created both confusion and division. Why? Because the spunky, naive, clueless underdog female was very much present in this story.

To be continued...

Playful Kiss

They look good together, don't they?

Truth be told, I hate hyped things with a passion and this drama sure has been hyped online for a few months. I wasn't planning on seeing it because I've seen ISWAK and it's hard for me to watch remakes. Somehow, I can watch Pride and Prejudice told a billion ways (BBC miniseries, Bridget Jones, Theatrical Release even the damn Bollywood version) but it's a whole different ballgame for dramas.

But regardless, I'm being drawn into it. I was a JoongBo fan of WGM but I got over it 2 years ago. I remember hearing that Hyun Joong was awful in BOF but when I watched it, he wasn't that terrible. That might have been because I'd heard he was so bad that I was expecting much worse. I don't know. I've seen one of the trailers for Playful Kiss and while he had "dead eyes" his acting was passable.

What I hope for is an interesting retelling of the story and chemistry between the leads. If I can get both, then I most likely can live with subpar acting. It's a freaking teen manga drama so whatever.

But don't they look way too old to be playing high schoolers? In the press picture above, Hyun Joong very much looks his age (mid-twenties) and she doesn't look too young for him. But it's going to be funny watching the second lead since I just saw him in TODAW playing a jealous, ruthless criminal.

Anyway, I'll give it a shot when it airs next week. Hopefully, it'll be able to keep my interest. If not, it's on to the next drama.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Am I really going to post a new chapter today?

For real? Is that true? Is it possible?


lol... looks that way. Seems that once I was able to lower the sweetness and make it a tad angstier, I had more interest in working on it.

I wrote the first draft of this chapter way back in June. LOL. What is wrong with me and why can't I just enjoy writing sweet scenes? Why must I always have drama? LOL

List of Dramas that are supposedly good...

... but I just can't get into them. There are some dramas that made me feel this way that I eventually managed to get through and liked them like Delightful Girl and Hana Yori Dango. So maybe I'll cross some off this list at a later date. But for now:

1) City Hall. Everyone says it's so good and blah blah... and each time I try to watch it, all I see is blah blah. I must have attempted this drama at least 10 times by now but no go.

2) When at Night. I like Sun Ah which is why I try her dramas. But so far, MNIKSS is the only one I've managed to watch. Good thing cos it's my fav.

3) Gourmet

4) Pasta. Sorry but BORING.

5)Capital Scandal. I've seen 6 episodes so far and it took me like 20 hours in total to watch them :(  Intellectually, I can tell that it's a good drama but I'm just not feeling it right now. Maybe I'll revisit at a later date.

6)Soulmate. I'm yawning thinking about it.

7)Golden Bride. It might be good. But why is it so long for crying out loud?

... will update post as I remember.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I'm still in love with Kang Ji Hwan

As someone who didn't previously find him attractive, I think what's so attractive about him is his charm. Certain actors like Kimura Takuya and Shah Rukh Khan (even though I don't like him) have this certain charm they bring into all their roles despite their looks.

I am not saying Kang Ji Hwan and the previously named people aren't attractive. They are. But I think there are some people who are stereotypically attractive like Won Bin or Takeshi Kaneshiro who can just smile and melt your heart without bringing anything else to the table. LOL

But with someone like Kang Ji Hwan, I think his acting talent and inner charm overshadow everything else. I hope that he one day finds fame like Kimutaku and SRK have found in their countries.

Anyway, here's a pictorial from Singles Magazine. I don't know what's with this gigolo look. Not feeling it but he's still a sexy beast. Credit is DC Gallery.

Time of Dog and Wolf...

... is turning out to be quite nice.

There were some parts in the middle that I felt it was dragging but once he regained his memory, it was exciting again.

This drama is supposedly angsty but it didn't feel that way to me. Maybe because while the characters were left in suspense, the viewers weren't. We knew that he was an undercover agent and not dead. We knew exactly when he lost and regained his memory. We knew Ji Woo and Min Gi wouldn't work out. Things like this made it far less suspenseful than it could be.

The love triangle in this drama is what I call a 'waste of time love triangle.' And what I mean by that is that it was obvious that she would never love Min Gi like she loved Soo Hyun. Plus the fact that Soo Hyun wasn't dead meant that they would reunite at some point. So I call this a "waste of time love triangle" because I feel like the writers were taking us down a path we knew would lead to nowhere.

Stuff like this happens in almost all kdramas. Like in Coffee House, how in the world would she have married her ex? It was a waste of time bringing in that storyline. But I think that because they are so prevalent, in a story like TODAW, while I just wanted Min Gi to grow a brain and stop barking up the wrong tree, it wasn't that annoying.

Anyway, I'm at epiosde 14 and so far, it's a good drama and worth a watch. Lee Jun Ki sure is a sight for sore eyes.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Out of Sheer Boredom...

... I've decided to create a post with all my drama ratings. As well as perhaps write some reviews like I did for Nodame Cantabile. I must really be bored.

Gosh... is this going to show me just how much of a loser I am when I list ALL the dramas I've seen? lol. Should be fun and a good time waster.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Since this blog has been dead for a while...

... it's interesting to come and find all these adbots trying to sell viagra in my comments. Does this marketing scheme actually work? Just wondering....

I guess boredom makes me post in a blog no one reads?

2010 kdramas I've watched so far:

Pick the stars/Wish Upon A Star: Started off well. About a materialistic girl who ends up having to take care of her siblings after her parents are murdered. Fun and cute till it went bad. However, they gave us a nice ending. It's a shame that they ruined the drama but I didn't feel like I wasted my time... it was on to the next drama.

Birth of the rich. About a poor guy who believed he was the son of a rich man and was on a quest to find his father. Got some negative comments on dramabeans (but who cares?) but I really enjoyed it at first. It got extended because of the good ratings and to be honest, because subs were kinda slow, I won't say I completely finished this drama... it didn't end as well as it began but it was alright. It was on to the next drama.

Oh My Lady. Had an interesting looking couple and seemed cute and nice enough. About a spoilt brat idol and the ajumma who lives with him and takes care of the daughter he never knew he had. The first episodes were boring to me. But I liked both actors and stuck it out. It got a little better when they kissed in episode 6 (lol) but extremely slow with very slow progress and they forgot there was a romance till the last episode. No pay off in this drama. A waste of time. BAD!

Prosecutor Princess. I watched half way through and lost interest. I didn't mind that she was very materialistic and such but I didn't like the main guy (and whatever secret he was hiding) so one day, I just lost all interest. LOL. It happens like that sometimes.

Coffee House. About a crazy writer, his publisher and a girl who becomes his secretary. I was entirely addicted to this drama and it ended the way I wanted. There are things that the writers should have handled better. For instance, he left because he needed to deal with issues he had with his past. When he returned, there was no mention of them at all. He didn't even say, "Now, I'm okay." Sure he was back and his actions showed he'd moved past them (driving, cell phone) but I would have loved him to vocalize it. A little clarification on if his wife committed suicide or if it was an accident. It looked like suicide but I would have liked to hear them say for sure. Also it would have been nice if the characters had told us if they really had liked one another "10 years ago" or not. It looked like he might have but we don't know about her. Also far less time on the secretary and more time on the final couple. All these things probably should make me like it less but I absolutely loved the chemistry between the main couple -that's what kept me hooked on this drama. Not the plot but the chemistry.

2010 twdramas:
Down With Love. I didn't expect to like it but I enjoyed it. It was not an addiction for me (CH was the only one) but it was simple and cute. And the couple had chemistry.

PS Man. I just saw like two middle episodes. I planned on watching but boy was it dragging. Not going to bother with it.

Zhong Wu Yen. I like Cheryl after My Queen but the characters in this drama are really annoying - especially the guy so I lost interest real quick. Only saw 1.25 episodes.

2010 jdramas:
Yankee-kun to Megane-chan. Haven't finished it yet because I chose to wait for subs but fun and silly so far. Will probably finish it.

Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku. So far so good. About an unsuccessful wannabe actor and a single mother. One thing I like about jdramas is their stories are often about average people. Unlike kdramas (and twdramas) where some rich guy and poor girl hook up. 

Tsuki no Koibito, I saw the first episode and it wasn't bad. But the reviews are terrible so I've been turned off big time. Maybe I'll try it for myself later on. 

Today was such a slow day...

... and I still didn't write shit. I surprise myself sometimes.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Funny.... I was quite excited about Hotaru No Hikari 2...

... but the plot doesn't make sense!

Fine, they didn't kiss at the end of the first season. It was odd but somewhat understandable considering the plot of the drama.

However, six episodes into season 2, they still haven't kissed. What kind of relationship is this?

For starters, they agreed that they loved each other at the end of the first season. At the beginning of the second season, three years had passed and apparently, Amemiya had been working abroad the entire time and didn't contact or respond to any of Bucho's letters and what not. So three years, no contact. Why did she do that? No explanation.

She moves back into their home and next thing I know, he proposed they get married. What? To someone you haven't even had any relationship with in three years? And not because she was in a coma but because she just didn't reply?

Fine. Bad enough. Now they are "working towards marriage" a marriage without passion it seems, because 6 episodes in, there's still no physical intimacy despite the fact that they actually live together.

I've only seen 3 episodes so far and while it's funny and still has the Season 1 vibe, the fact that their romance is still like this is off putting for me. So for now, it's on the back burner. Will I pick it up again? Remains to be seen.

I'm back to writing again...

... but am I really?

A friend asked me to send her a link to my latest stories. I told her I've barely written anything in the last 3 years. She said, "don't waste it." Lol... waste what?

It was very sweet of her to say but where is this writing taking me? I still enjoy coming up with stories but sitting and writing really feels like a chore.

I do enjoy it while I am writing but actually getting the motivation to start writing is the real killer.

What to do... what to do....

I'd planned on finishing Honeymoon this year since I had people actually bumping up the soompi thread asking me to update. Honeymoon was supposed to be a like a throwaway fic but somehow it seems some people like it and it's actually my most recommended fic on soompi. LOL. I don't get it. Why do they like it?

Of course, I am grateful and honored that they like the story but I wonder what it is about the story they like.

Anyway, now that things are slow at work... especially for this week, I should be writing or doing something productive, right? WRONG!

I need to somehow get cracking on this shit but it just aint happening :(

I already promised a reader that there'll be a new chapter on Friday and it's already partly written (and has been since June) so why can't I just get on with it.

Must write. Must write. Must write.


My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

You know when someone cracks a joke and everyone bursts out laughing but you? This is how I feel about  My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho.

Now don't get me wrong - it's got humor and cuteness and sometimes that's all you need when watching a drama. Right? WRONG!

Well, maybe "right" sometimes but not for me this time. I'm one of those people who isn't a Hong Sisters fan. Are they talented writers? Sure. But for me, they just have one plot they keep rehashing. To be fair, I've only seen three of their dramas but of those three, I felt Delightful Girl and My Girl had far too many similarities. YAB was entertaining but so overrated.

Now I'm watching MGIG and seeing the same characters from those dramas. This is just too much for me. lol. And it took me like 5 hours to watch the first 2 episodes. I wasn't interested in the drama before it aired but seeing as it had so many good reviews, I decided to give it a try. And lo and behold, it didn't impress me. Why can't these talented women be a little more original? Their premise is always original however, the characters end up being the same. Regardless, it seems to have a huge following online and is doing pretty well in Korea, considering it's against the Baker King superhit.

I'll watch the next two episodes to see if my opinion changes but I'm quite sure it won't since that annoying nuna from Delightful Girl (different actress, same character) will still be there.

Oh... and in the soompi thread, after only watching two episodes, I said that I felt the hunter would be like Lee Jun Ki in My Girl while the nuna like the nuna in Delightful Girl and I was right. See why I can't get on board this train? I already know all these characters. We even have the two best friends from Delightful Girl and the old maid and other dude from My Girl.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

So Kang Ji Hwan (강지환) is my current drama boyfriend.

Let me not lie. When it comes to kdramas, I do kinda enjoy staying in the shallow end of things. I hadn't planned on watching Wish Upon A Star but someone recommended it to me and when I found out the lead was a bonafide hottie, I was on board. Same reason I watched Oh My Lady. Choi Si Won is such a cutie and the plot looked like it was worth my time. WUAS was good till it got to the middle then went really bad but you know something? That actor is HOT AS HELL and he kept me through the very rough patch. The drama had many flaws but I had no regrets watching it. OML on the other hand, was light but extremely slow with no pay off. This one I regret watching - I want those hours back.

Coffee House was revelation to me. I planned on skipping it and it didn't help that I just didn't find the lead hot at all. But after watching his portrayal of Lee Jin Soo, I want to have his babies. Suddenly, he's sexy as hell to me. How did that even happen? lol.

Now I wish I lived in Korea. lol.

cr: Hee Chul's twitter

These pics were taken from his soompi thread.

But of course, the more delusional side of me actually wishes he'll look Park Si Yeon's way. Their chemistry really sizzled.

Coffee House 커피하우스

It's been ages since I posted here but I recently watched Coffee House, enjoyed it tremendously and wrote fanfic. The link is under my "Online Activities."

I don't have the energy to write a review but the shipping in this drama is strong and while it's flawed and deserves criticisms, I think majority of those who end up not liking it do so because they don't like the end couple.

I loved the end couple and their chemistry. The characters are flawed and frustrating but that's what makes them endearing.